Breakthrough in the fight against urticaria – The CRUSE Control Urticaria® App

In the age of smartphones, apps etc urticaria patients should also have the opportunity to get a better control on their disease. Thanks to an app developed this year, this is now possible!

Questionnaire paperwork is a thing of the past! Urticaria patients can now optimize the management of their disease with a digital solution. With the CRUSE Control Urticaria® app, patients receive a simple tool that is uncomplicated to use, with which disease activity and control can be recorded and the next treatment appointment can be prepared optimally.

Around 80 million people worldwide are affected by chronic spontaneous urticaria – and the trend is rising! However, only about one in ten people have their disease sufficiently under control. One of the reasons for this is that the response to treatment is often recorded inadequately. In order to change this, renowned dermatologists and allergists have developed the CRUSE Control Urticaria® App.

CRUSE stands for Chronic Urticaria Self Evaluation. The app helps patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria to better control their disease and thus significantly reduce their suffering. In the best case, the disease disappears again. In order to increase the probability of this so-called spontaneous remission, continuous monitoring and documentation of the disease activity is essential.

CRUSE Control Urticaria® was developed by the UCARE Network in cooperation with the team of the Institute of Allergology of Berlin Charité under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Marcus Maurer, Sophia Neisinger (assistant physician for dermatology and allergology), Anja Lingnau (PROM coordinator Charité) and Reinhardt Britz (GA²LEN UCARE and ACARE program manager).

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