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This year’s Urticaria Day was a great success and raised AWARENESS for one of the most common skin disease worlwide! Let’s look back:

Every year, on October 01 the Urticaria Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of urticaria worldwide, to improve the lives of patients and to promote understanding among professionals, the media and the public. This year, under the slogan for a better quality of life, numerous activities, such as webinars Q&A’s have again taken place to help raise awareness of the disease and to bring together and empower those who are affected. People around the world created Urticaria Day with events, education and information sharing in a variety of ways, and once again it was a huge success! More than three million people participated online and there were over 1.4 million views of patient videos. A whopping 150,000 posts on the topic of urticaria were created, shared or liked.

Urticaria Day 2022 was supported by UNEV, UCARE network and many organizations around the world working to improve the lives of urticaria patients.

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Urticaria Day Homepage

Instagram-Kanal: @urticariaday


Urticaria Day Homepage

Instagram-Channel: @urticariaday